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We opened our doors on September 7th, we are so excited to be serving the entire valley of Arizona. Here are some things that are included at our newest & most advanced carwash in the valley.

  • Competitive memberships and single wash prices to let our guests get the best value in the valley

  • Features in every carwash package that keeps your car shining for weeks

  • Complimentary wet towel to clean the interior of your car

  • Complimentary Air freshener with many choices of scents that everyone can enjoy

  • Free vacuuming and air pressure guns with every purchase of a car wash

  • 22 stations of vacuums which means you will never wait to use our vacuums

  • Complimentary tire pressure air

  • Microfiber towel service at each vacuum station to help dry hidden spots

  • And so much more

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