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                SERVING ARIZONA SINCE 1985

                                                                 Get to know your new Auto Spa experts that are reliable & honest


                                                                                           OUR TRUE SUCCESS IS YOU

Over the years, we’ve learned that great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals. Our team is trained to handle every vehicle uniquely so that each and every guest is absolutely satisfied.


                                                                                               HOW THE SHINE BEGINS

Each vehicle is prepped with water detail blasters and bug prep before entering the full experience of our carwash. Your car then is sent through our car wash tunnel where the full exterior down to the wheels are cleaned, waxed, and shined by the highest quality of soaps and top of the line equipment. 


                                                                                                         ABOUT US

Vivacity Auto Spa has joined our local family owned business that has been serving the Arizona valley since 1985.  Before entering our tunnel carwash journey, we began by mastering the grocery store and gas station business. Throughout our truck stops, grocery stores, and ARCO AMPM gas stations, we have mastered satisfaction among our customers and our family of employees. We have not only brought the name of ARCO AMPM back to the valley, but we did so by building the newest and advanced gas stations around Arizona. We had the same type of idea when building Vivacity Auto Spa, using the best constructed building design that offers the latest and most advanced equipment of any of our competitors. 

                                                           Give Vivacity Auto Spa a try! We promise to be your number one go to carwash. 

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